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Art consulting makes a difference. Our art consultants at Mills Art Gallery can prove it through their years of experience. 

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Our consultants at Mills Art Gallery procure artwork for both corporate and private collectors. We work with commercial and residential designers. Overall, our unique expertise and resources help meet all your art needs.

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Our consultants have been recognized for projects locally, nationally and abroad. Many of our works are found in private residences, boutique hotels, healthcare, retail spaces and more. Additionally, we provide unrivaled fine art consulting services to elevate your collection or interior space.


Our Consultants

Our professional art consultants are a valuable resource whether you’re looking to add art to your hospitality, corporate, healthcare, multi-family or residential property.

Jennifer McInnes Coolidge


Boris Garbe


The Craft of Art Consulting

What Makes a Good Art Consultant?

A great art consultant is part art aficionado, project manager and fortune-teller. However, you’ll need someone who knows a thing or two about art, including art done across a variety of mediums. It’s not enough to have good taste, since the job of an art consultant has as much to do with channeling the taste and needs of the client as anything else.
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