Art is Everywhere Works by Marla E

This April, Marla E is taking her art to the next level at Mills Gallery.


“Creating is a huge part of my life. My paintings explode with texture, color and space, infusing geometry with organic freedom.“


Marla E’s medium is a combination of plaster and acrylic paint. She has pushed simple drywall plaster farther than the average builder. Marla sculpts a surface texture, then layers paint onto the plaster. This process re-activates the plaster and re-invents her surface while Marla paints. She calls this Urban Plaster.


For this show Marla E is creating fun, bold and new cut-away shapes! The square and rectangular format in which most art is created is now giving way to circles, curves and waves.
With a strong background in Abstract design Marla E challenges boundaries and adds an element of surprise.

Mills Art Gallery

Mills Art Gallery

The Art Gallery at Mills Park’s mission is to provide the Orlando arts community with the highest quality visual arts in a vibrant, inclusive environment.

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