Current Artist Exhibition @ Lump Gallery

Current Artist Exhibition @ Lump Gallery: Artist Bárbara Pecorelli

Mills Art Gallery is pleased to present artwork on sale by artist Bárbara Pecorelli. Bárbara has developed a “sense of exploration with ceramic sculptures, photography, recycled/scrap material installations, performances, and paintings”. Her work’s one sole purpose is to bring environmental consciousness and mindful lifestyle transformations.


Artist Bárbara Pecorelli at Mills Gallery

Bárbara Pecorelli is on display for the first time ever at Mills Art Gallery: Guarding the Garden. “Guarding the Garden” is an exhibition made up of sculptures that are made with recycled metals. It evokes to a search for what Bárbara has coined as “Conscious Art: an invitation to connect with being and essence, letting go and surrendering to nature and beauty.” The materials that she used in her works include: metals, and iron that has been treated so that their impact is 100% ecological. For instance, copper, in addition to being an energy conductor, eliminates 99.9% of viruses and bacteria present in he exposed places where they are found. Her work also combines academic principles of art, human well-being as a philosophy, nature and technology.

Featured at Lump Gallery

Bárbara's Vision

“I develop my talent with the greatest sense of responsibility, honoring my creativity. Art has allowed me to understand my character in being able to give and create beyond pieces that can give a space a style. I have the ability to bring tangible creations, concepts, and projects that bring harmony to any environment and situation. My focus is in the direction of showing that no matter what we believe we are or what we want to do, everything is possible with the art of subtlety”Bárbara Pecorelli

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Lump Gallery

Lump Gallery is a unique section of Mills Art Gallery that features art for sale. The inspiration came from out Gallerist Boris’ dachshund, Lump. If you are interested in purchasing any art work featured in Lump Gallery, please contact us.


About Bárbara Pecorelli

Bárbara Pecorelli is a plastic artist who is committed to values and biodiversity. She was born in Venezuela with Italian origins, and discovered her passion at a very young age. Bárbara specialized in Fine Visual Arts and graduated from Miami International University of Art & Design. In addition, Bárbara attended complementary artistic training programs in different workshops in Italy and South Korea. Currently, Bárbara is dedicated to creating sculptures, installations, and paintings where she includes art and technology with the intention of creating harmonious spaces.

Bárbara's Artwork

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