Harold Garde BURN THIS DOWN: Reflections on the Art World

Gallerist Boris Garbe and artist Marla E present a provocative exhibition of selected works by renowned American Abstract Expressionist, Harold Garde. Experience the extraordinary achievements and continued vitality in Abstract and Figurative Expressionism by a master who believes “painting is truth.” Through his bold large scale works and the art form he created known as Strappo, Garde is becoming recognized as one of the leading painters of his generation.

Curator Victor Bokas is presenting a body of work representative of what Garde sees as a decline in today’s society. It is evident when meeting Garde that he was not an angry young man. He is, however, a furious old man – ready to BURN IT DOWN!

A special thanks to Udo Garbe and Bernhard Garbe whose support provided the creation of this catalogue.

Mills Art Gallery

Mills Art Gallery

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