Heaven is a Place on Earth: Works by Anna Cruz and Adam Lavigne

On Friday, May 10th, Anna and Adam bring their unique vision to the walls of the Mills Gallery with an exhibit they call, “Heaven Is A Place On Earth”. They’re the right people to state that claim if you’ve ever seen their work in person. This will be an exciting part of this year’s art-going season with two of the most promising artists working today – in our area or beyond.


If you attended any of the number of art exhibits that happen across the Central Florida area, you may have seen the colorful and charming work of Anna Cruz and Adam Lavigne. The two have been collaborating for 4 years and have had dual shows in Orlando since 2015. Dreamy, dark, and sometimes funny, their work explores paradise imagery and celestial bodies. Inspired by their home, Florida, bright and primary color palettes fill the heavy black lines that define their work, reminiscent of the moods captured by the Highwaymen school of art.


Music by Grayson Charnock of Someday River

Mills Art Gallery

Mills Art Gallery

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