Jingle Mills Rocks December 18th

Jingle Mills Rocks Holiday Event December 18th


Calling all local artists. Need to make some extra income before the holidays are here? Are you looking to showcase and sell your artwork without any fees or charges? Then look no farther than Mills Gallery. Jingle Mills was a collaborative idea by Mills Gallery gallerist, Boris Garbe & Mills Gallery Artist in Residence, Kristy Lee. Meant to be a day of presenting plenty of great art opportunities to the public where all proceeds goes directly to the artist.





Celebrate With Us This Holiday At Jingle Mills!



Join us on December 18, 2022, for a fun day of creativity and talented artistry. Jingle Mills is the perfect opportunity for all local emerging artists to show off their paintings, photography, sculptures, and any other creative art medium.


Sign up today to reserve your table now before they all go. Space is limited. At Mills Gallery, it doesn’t matter what kind of artistry you create, it is accepted. We believe every artist should have the opportunity to show off their creative artwork.




Importance Of Showcasing Your Artistic Talent


In essence, art is the way of expressing emotions in a non-generic way. However, a technique is no good until admirers can actually see and understand it. Imagine being inside a room and talking to the empty space within. Regardless of anything you say or mean, it would be of no use until you bring forth your message before others. Similarly, an art exhibition helps bring that hidden essence and emotion before the people that admire and understand it.


Therefore, Mills Gallery is accepting interested artists into the upcoming Jingle Mills event. Be sure to reserve your booth A.S.A.P. Space is limited. Do not miss this opportunity to showcase and sell your art at the best boutique art gallery in Orlando.



Inspire and Encourage Those Around You!




When you share your art, you give others the courage to do the same. The world needs artists who will demonstrate the kind of boldness and leadership that compels others to take action. When you are generous with your creative work, it prompts your followers to do the same thing.


An art exhibition is essentially the best way to establish the fundamentals for branding, self-understanding, fundraising, networking, future development, public awareness, breaking ground, and so on. If you are someone looking forward to experiencing all this, make sure you sign up as soon as you can and reserve your spot at this year’s Annual Jingle Mills.




About Mills Gallery



Mills Gallery serves as a center of visual art, education, and culture. a fast-growing online art gallery, We are connecting people with art and artists they love. The gallery offers a beautiful selection of paintings, drawings, sculpture, design, and photography in various price ranges. Overall, we provide artists from around the world with an expertly curated environment in which to exhibit and sell their work.



Browse exhibitions currently on view at the gallery as well as upcoming and past exhibitions. Look through our notable exhibitions and learn new insights about the artists and discover interesting details behind their most significant creations. Find out more about what’s on view. There’s always something new, whether you visit in person or explore online.

Mills Art Gallery

Mills Art Gallery

The Art Gallery at Mills Park’s mission is to provide the Orlando arts community with the highest quality visual arts in a vibrant, inclusive environment.

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