Kristy Lee Presents: Collin Margerum & Natalie Diienno

Kristy Lee Presents New works by Collin Margerum and Natalie Diienno

Curated by Kristy Lee – Coming this September Mills Gallery
Opening Saturday September 4th, 2021


Kristy Lee is excited to present two dynamic Central Florida artists Colling Margerum and Natalie Diienno. Collin Margerum creates drawings with a mixture of charcoal, soft pastels, oil stick, and acrylic. These materials converge on an autonomously defaced birch panel, with the purpose of examining the most contemporary issues facing human condition.


Natalie Diienno, in turn, is a photographer, educator and curator. She has always been fascinated by ways photographic images can evoke an experience with the sublime. Much of her work is bisected, balancing two parts. This symmetry addresses the idea of the “pair”, abstractly externalizing her complex personal history as someone who has gone through life with an identical sister.
Our selections, curated with insight and inspiration by Kristy Lee, feature two of Orlando’s most vibrant artists. Together they show the diversity of imagery by these two artists

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