La Diaspora

The Art Gallery at Mills Park presents Diaspora, an exhibit featuring art from Puerto Rican émigrés. Through their artwork, a collection of talented artists will share their narratives as members of the Puerto Rican Diaspora. These artists have translated their historically rich narratives into beautiful masterpieces, the uniqueness of each story and experience is reflected in the array of artistic styles, which ranges from expressionism to realism.

The group is made up of nine artist: Dennise Berlingeri, Pedro Brull, Jose Feliciano, Felipe Morales, Yasir Nieves, “Meri” Maria Ramos, Angel Rivera, Carmen Rojas and Jose Sanchez.

Mills Art Gallery

Mills Art Gallery

The Art Gallery at Mills Park’s mission is to provide the Orlando arts community with the highest quality visual arts in a vibrant, inclusive environment.

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