Mills Gallery In Orlando, FL is Introducing Its New Website and Upcoming Announcements

Mills Gallery In Orlando, FL is Introducing Its New Website and Upcoming Announcements


Over the past year, Mills Gallery in Orlando, FL has gone through some very exciting changes. For starters, Mills Gallery has recently unveiled its new website redesign. Additionally, we are going to be introducing more services and business offerings including art consultations, and printing on demand for artists. Keep reading to find out what Mills Gallery has in store for this fall and winter!


New Mills Gallery Website


If you are reading this blog, chances are, you’ve seen our newly designed website. This newly created signed was designed and developed by Faceless Marketing, a top marketing company based in Orlando, FL. Browse our website and view current and past exhibitions, look for upcoming events, read press articles about Mills Gallery, and watch videos about Mills Art Gallery. You will find that the new website is easily accessible, offers good navigation and has a clean, modern design that still has the “feel” of the Mills Art Gallery brand.


Venue Rentals In Orlando, FL


Since Mills Art Gallery offers a stunning space, it is an ideal location for events of all kinds. The gallery is located in the Mills 50 district of Orlando – one of the city’s most historic and established neighborhoods. Mills Gallery is also conveniently located near the Central Business District, Lake Eola, College Park, and Baldwin Park. It is just a step away from retail and dining experiences.


Mills Gallery is one of the best wedding venues in Orlando, FL. Our 4,000 square-foot space and European-style art gallery is an ideal place to have your perfect day. We provide standing room for over 100, floor-to-ceiling windows, multiple lounges, multiple bars, coffee lounges, changing rooms, and 8 flat-screen TVs.


Contact us about wedding venue services. Or host your next corporate event, conference, networking event, art, or community event at our space. For more information on gallery space rentals, please contact us at (407)234-7033.


Art Consulting Services From Mills Art Gallery


Mills Gallery’s gallerist Boris Garbe and curator Jennifer McInnes Coolidge are available for art consulting services. Both of them have extensive experience with the art industry. Boris has been Mills Art Gallery’s gallerist since its inception. As a gallerist, Boris has been exhibiting and promoting artists work in the gallery. Jennifer also has an impressive background with art, a native of Winston-Salem, N.C. who has established a career as an arts and non-profit consultant.


In addition to art consulting, they also provide the procurement and artwork installation for residential and corporate settings, and community areas. The goal is to create unique artwork collections that uplift and enhance your brand, purpose and people. Boris and Jennifer can bring life to any space – healthcare, corporate, hotels, senior living and more.  Our unique experience and resources can help to meet all of your art needs.


  • Consulting and Design
  • Art Acquisition
  • Delivery and Installation
  • Project Management
  • Working with Photographers and Videographers


Consulting and Design


Mills Gallery will work with you to select the ideal artwork for your project, vision and budget. Our gallerist Boris and curator Jennifer will start off with an initial consultation. They will then offer sourced artwork options for your review, which are specifically curated for your space.


Art Gallery Exhibitions For Artists


One of the best modalities for artists to display their work is through an established art gallery. There are many ways that art galleries choose to showcase an artist’s work. Additionally, the artist’s work can be placed in that gallery for an allotted period of time.


As an artist, there are many benefits to having your art visible in the gallery. It provides many promotional opportunities for the artist as well. Established galleries have an influence in the local community. Additionally, galleries provide artists with clientele and connections that the artist may not previously have had connections with. Displaying your artwork in a gallery can also help to build an artist’s credibility and establish a higher value for their artwork. Galleries also benefit from the continued growth of both the emerging and established artists that they represent.


Consignment for Artists


Mills Art Gallery also provides consignment for artists. This is when art galleries provide artwork to be displayed for sale in the gallery. The consignment period is an agreed amount of time that usually works in tangent with a specific gallery show. Typically, artists do not have to pay to get their work displayed. However, if any art sells, both parties are the benefactors. During the consignment period, the gallery has full right of the works in the gallery. In consignment, artists will be able to sell other works, take part in other shows and promote themselves. Additionally, artists can consign artworks for group as well as solo shows. For group shows, they will be able to work with the gallery to select the pieces that best fit the concept of the show.


Print On Demand For Central Florida Artists


Mills Art Gallery will be launching print-on-demand services for artists who are looking to sell their art. Print-on-demand takes the stress of the artist’s shoulders. Many artists do not want to worry about product sourcing, manufacturing, quality control, and logistics. Our print on demand services will take that hassle away from you so that you can focus on your main priority – making art and building your brand.


Think of your print-on-demand provider as a “silent business partner”. They are invisible to your customer, but they work in the background to streamline the production and delivery of your artwork. Additionally, you don’t have to worry about investing in thousands of prints, and taking risks over what will sell and won’t sell.


Keep Up With News From Mills Art Gallery


In the next year or two, Mills Art Gallery will be rolling out services like art consulting, artist consignment, and print on demand. Stay tuned for upcoming exhibitions, community events and seminars that will be happening at Mills Gallery. Thank you to everyone who has been supporting Mills Art Gallery!


About The Mills Gallery


Mills Gallery serves as a center of visual art, education, and culture. a fast-growing online art gallery, we are connecting people with art and artists they love. The gallery offers a beautiful selection of paintings, drawings, sculpture, design, and photography in various price ranges. The Art Gallery at Mills Park provides artists from around the world with an expertly curated environment in which to exhibit and sell their work.

Mills Art Gallery

Mills Art Gallery

The Art Gallery at Mills Park’s mission is to provide the Orlando arts community with the highest quality visual arts in a vibrant, inclusive environment.

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