Sore Loser: Works by Ashley Taylor

​Sore losers. We all know one, or two, or too many. Artist Ashley Taylor puts in her two cents on the subject starting August 2 at the Mills Gallery with a series of eye popping, jaw dropping, and chin tapping images put to graphic print. If you’re not familiar with the art of Ashley Taylor but are the type that like some visuals with your satire, as well as the kind that can see the grotesque in the beauty, and vice versa – then Taylor may be the artist for you, and one not to be missed. Her work responds to superficial interactions found in the swamps of social environments and explores the psychological effects of trying to assimilate into this twisted social world.

The series, Kyle Eagle presents: “Whatever you want it to be” continues with another feature on the stellar talent that lies within the City Beautiful, as Taylor puts her point of view to paper in a way that’s a stunning as anything R.Crumb and James Gillray ever composed, propelling her into a league with luminaries like Taylor McKimens and Warrington Colescott. See less

Mills Art Gallery

Mills Art Gallery

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