Jeff Whipple Artist Exhibition @ Mills Art Gallery

Upcoming Artist Exhibition: Artist Jeff Whipple

View the work of artist Jeff Whipple at Mills Gallery. Mills Gallery in Orlando, Florida is currently hosting the works of acclaimed artist Jeff Whipple. Over the course of his four plus decade career, Jeff Whipple has created vastly acclaimed works of art that are highly creative and one of a kind; making his work immediately recognizable. His hallmark style includes groupings of three short lines that have separated his art from any other works since the early 1980s. Jeff Whipple has had over 80 solo exhibitions in galleries, colleges and museums including the Tampa Museum of Art, the Gulf Coast Museum of Art, the Museum of Art, DeLand, and the Boca Raton Museum of Art. Jeff’s art has been in oodles of group exhibitions across the country and has received over 50 top awards in various competitions and are currently on display at Mills Gallery in Orlando, Florida.


Artist Jeff Whipple at Mills Gallery

Jeff Whipple is on display for the first time ever at Mills Art Gallery. Jeff is also a published author including his own memoirs entitled “Drawn Into Something: A Memoir of Becoming an Artist Age 0 to 21” among others. Let’s not forget Jeff’s extensive library of scripts for various theater productions, his plethora of solo and group exhibitions, his trophy case full of awards, and his excess of published periodicals across various newspapers and magazines.

Artist's Vision

About the Art

“I use images and words to engage viewers in imaginative contemplation about the weirdness and beauty of our brief appearance in the infinity of time. Since 1980 when I began my professional career, I’ve created 1000s of thought-provoking experiences for viewers using video, sculpture, painting, installation, performance, writing, and theater.”

“My work is meant to be thought-provoking and it requests viewer engagement. The imagery or writing is meant to direct the interpretation to a theme but the specifics are left open. Each viewer will use their own life experiences to create their own ideas about what my artwork means or says and that will likely change on the next encounter. In that regard, the viewer becomes a creator when they engage with my artwork.”
Jeff Whipple

Jeff Whipple's Career

Jeff”s had many public art commissions and recently created five sculptures for a park in St. Petersburg, Florida. Whipple’s paintings for a New Orleans library were selected as one of the 50 best public art projects in 2012 by the Public Art Network. His other public art commissions include an 80-foot-long video projection on the exterior of the Tampa Museum of Art, a 300-foot-long translucent lighted mural for the City of Tampa, and a 150-foot-long mural for a library in St. Petersburg, Florida. The Tampa Museum of Art commissioned Whipple to create a large-scale outdoor video and art installation in Miami Beach that was seen by hundreds of thousands during the week of Art Basel Miami in 2006. In 2014, he won a national competition to create a 75-foot-long mural for a high school in Washington, DC. In 2019, he won a national competition to paint two 26-foot murals for a primary school in Washington, DC.

Jeff's Artwork

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